Public relations | public relations

Campaign Assignment for public relation

You are to design a promotional campaign for a program to promote Wear Masks in the US.  Consult the INTERNET for background material. 

1) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different media.  Use the texts.  Be sure to document correctly including the references.  

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2) Determine what the theme will be for the campaign.

3)  Write a new release for the campaign.

4)  If the PR specialist were interviewed by a reporter, how would he or she want to be quoted?

5)  Write a 30 second radio announcement.

6)  Design an event to raise money for this campaign.

Remember the goal is to demonstrate that you have read and can apply the text material.  Write the questions completely and then answer them.  

Creative Thinking Rubric 

Excellent (3)

Acceptable (2)

Unacceptable (1)

Acquiring Competencies

This step refers to acquiring strategies and skills within a particular domain.

Lists all the media in the text, discusses them, and then lists their advantages and disadvantages. The material is documented using the correct APA format.

Lists most of the media in the text and discusses them.  Includes some of the disadvantages and advantages. The material includes minor mistakes in the APA format.

Fails to include many of the media listed in the text; also does not include the advantages and disadvantages.

Taking Risks

May include personal risk (fear of embarrassment or rejection) or risk of failure in successfully completing assignment, i.e. going beyond original parameters of assignment, introducing new materials and forms, tackling controversial topics, advocating unpopular ideas or solutions.

Selects a theme which is creative, engaging, appropriate, and persuasive.

Selects a theme which is lacking in one of the areas for excellent

Selects a theme which is lacking in two of the areas for excellent.

Solving Problems

Writes a news release which includes who, what, when, where and how.  It is easily read by the media and includes details which would be interesting for the media.

Writes a news release which includes who, what, when, where, and how.  But this news release is either boring or lacks development.

Includes only minimal material in the news release.  It is neither interesting orinformative.

Embracing Contradictions

Prepares answers for reporters which anticipates trick questions and has prepared answers.

Has several good sound bites for reporters.

No sound bites are included.

Innovative Thinking

Novelty or uniqueness (of idea, claim, question, form, etc.)

Writes a 30 second radio announcement which is engaging, interesting, informative, directive, and persuasive.

Write a 30 second radio announcement which is informative and interesting.

Includes little information for the radio announcement.

Connecting, Synthesizing, Transforming

Designs an exciting fundraiser suggesting several ways to raise money.  Gives many details about the event.