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HUM 100 Module Four Short Answer Guidelines and Rubric
Prompt: Respond to the following questions using information presented in this module and your own experience. Each response should be at least one to two
1. Having read the articles presented in this module, reflect on how their discussion of intent and the changes to it affect your interpretation or
understanding of the Statue of Liberty.
2. Think about the artifact that you are studying for Project 1. Pose one question about the intent of the creator of the artifact. In one to two paragraphs,
explain one approach that you may take to find the answer to that question.
Guidelines for Submission: Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document.
Critical Elements Proficient (100%) Needs Improvement (75%) Not Evident (0%) Value
Engagement of Response Provides a response to both of the
questions posed
Provides a response to one of the
questions posed
Does not provide a response to
either question posed
Response Content Responses consider the intent and
interpretation of artifacts
Response is unclear or unrelated Response does not support choice
of artifact
Question Poses question regarding the
intent of the creator, including an
Poses question regarding the
relationship between culture and
selected artifact, but does not
Does not pose a question 20
Communicates Clearly Clearly communicates key ideas
and thoughts in a short answer
Response needs clarification in
order to support understanding of
key ideas and thoughts
Key ideas or thoughts are not
Total 100%