Project Selection and Planning


After your Wk 1 – Signature Assignment: Apply: SDLC Presentation, Pine Valley Furniture’s board of directors wants to continue consideration of a new WebStore for the company. They have asked you to assist them in selecting and initiating which project to do. They are considering a WebStore for 1 of their following 3 target markets:

  • Corporate furniture
  • Home office furniture
  • Student furniture

Choose 1 of the following formats for this assignment:

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  • A 10- to 16-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes – see Note below
  • An APA formatted 3- to 4-page Microsoft® Word® document. Please review the Center for Writing Excellence APA Templates and Samples and the University of Phoenix Writing & Style Guidelines. 

Address the following components in your presentation or Microsoft® Word® document:

  • Considering the material in Ch. 4, “Pine Valley Furniture Company Background,” in Part One, “Foundations for Systems Development,” of Modern Systems Analysis and Design explain the 4 methods for identifying and selecting IS projects (i.e., Top Management, Steering Committee, Functional Area, and Development Group) as they would apply to the Pine Valley Furniture Project.
  • Compare the characteristics of each method, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each method as they would apply to the Pine Valley Furniture Project.
  • Identify valuation criteria you would use when classifying and ranking the 3-target market projects (Corporate, Home office, and Student) as they would apply to the Pine Valley Furniture Project.
  • Rank the 3-target market projects (Corporate, Home office, and Student) as you would evaluate them for Pine Valley Furniture, identifying which one you would recommend as the initial target for the WebStore, and explaining why you ranked them as you did.
  • Summarize the project initiation and planning process for this Pine Valley Furniture project, and identify the next steps for Pine Valley Furniture’s board of directors.

Provide material from at least 2 references (only one of which is the class material) to support your assignment and provide proper references and citations in your assignment. Please review the Center for Writing Excellence material regarding references, citations, paraphrasing, plagiarism and the Student Code of Academic Integrity. There are Reference and Citation Examples in the Writing and Style Information section and also in the APA Sample Paper: Undergraduate and Master’s in the APA Templates and Samples section. And also in the Sample PowerPoint. The purpose of a reference and in-text citation is to show and identify where you specifically used material from the source either directly or as a paraphrase – even in PowerPoint® presentations. To sum this up, proper references and citations are needed for all of your work and should also be provided in your Microsoft® Word® document and on your Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides and speaker notes pages when needed – just having a Reference Slide at the end of a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation is not sufficient.

Please make sure your material is specific for the Pine Valley Furniture project and not just generic material. You should always consider that your audience may be more business-oriented than technical-oriented so you need to spell out what you mean.

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