Project Schedule and Baseline Assessment

By the end of this unit, submit the Project Schedule and Baseline Assessment component of your Project Audit.

For this assignment, apply the advanced project management concepts and methodologies covered in the course as well as your personal experience and research to the analysis. In addition, apply these concepts and recommendations for the project you have selected related to the project schedule management and baseline assessment.

Include the following as background to this phase of the project.

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  • Activity summary.
  • Actual outcome related to this aspect of the project.

Your detailed analysis of specific techniques and strategies employed in this phase of the project should include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Analysis of techniques and tools used to estimate, monitor, and manage project schedules and baselines. Examine information such as task duration, sequences, dependencies, network diagrams, milestone charts, and resource requirements. Use techniques such as Critical Path Method (CPM) for this analysis. Include any charts, diagrams, or flow charts that can illustrate your analysis.
  • Analysis of time management tools and techniques. Include an assessment of the activity duration estimation methods used.
  • Analysis of the project communication plan, especially the strategy used to communicate updates on the progress of the project schedule and its role in the success or failure of the project.

Your analysis of how to apply advanced project management methodologies to this phase of the project should include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Analysis of methodologies and techniques used for corrective action.
  • Assessment of the strategies employed in this phase of the project, i.e., what went wrong (the underlying problem, not simply the symptoms), and what went right.
  • Point-by-point analysis of how the project management techniques and methodologies from this class apply to the project you selected.
  • Your recommendations stating how you would implement those techniques and lessons learned to reach the desired outcome.

Later you will revise this paper, based on feedback from the instructor, to include in your Synthesis and Final Project Audit.

You might find Microsoft Project useful to complete this learning activity.

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