Professor Ryan

1.(2 points) To use a computer for multimedia (video and sound), it is important to maximize the efficiency of the I/O. Assume that the blocks of a movie are stored consecutively on a DVD-ROM. Describe, in as much detail as you can, the steps used to retrieve the blocks for use by the movie display software. Discuss ways in which you could optimize the performance of the I/O transfer.


2. (2 points) What are the advantages of flash memory over hard disk storage? What are the advantages of hard disk over flash memory storage? What are the advantages of both hard disk and flash memory storage over RAM? What is the major advantage of RAM over other types of storage?

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3. (2 points) Explain in detail why the average seek time for a hard disk is less than a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.


4. (2 points) Clearly describe and discuss at least two advantages of clustering.



5. (2 points) Cloud computing is a recent technology being marketed and used as a means to provide off-site computing power to an organization. Locate information about cloud computing and compare cloud computing with grid computing. In what ways are they similar? How do they differ?

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