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Here my third assignment




 You have been asked to write a research paper for upper management examining the feasibility of this. Your report show focus on the economic, social, legal, and ethical issues associated with the particular technology.


My part is to talk about the ECONOMIC:


  • Cost:          how cost change over the year



  • Development cost:   The cost for different type of app such as database app, table based app, games app

  • Design cost:




  • Benefits:


  • Free app

  • Paid app









Documentation and citation: In general, follow the APA style described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (available in the reference section of the library). Be meticulously accurate when attributing facts you borrow from secondary sources.Your list of references should have at least 20 recent, substantive articles from reputable sources and other components of the formal report.




Any information that is not “common knowledge” must be properly cited. Anything you take from a secondary source must be acknowledged in your text. Keep quotations to a minimum. Rather, summarize and paraphrase but always acknowledge your borrowing from the source (APA mandates parenthetical references). We will devote class time to proper citation and attribution as well as to academic honesty and business ethics. All reports will be checked with TurnItIn to detect intentional or inadvertent plagiarism. See syllabus for plagiarism policies.



Note:As we discuss before just remember that we write on my section, and it is going to be information about the economic immediately

plz let me know if you need any clarification




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