principles of management

assignment 3-4 page long MLA format with a power point 

topic: management confidentiality. 

three outside sources book, journal, web. with work cited 

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attached is the rubric thank you


Research Term Paper Rubric:












Thesis is insightful and original; argument is well-developed and supported by visual evidence, primary and secondary sources; conclusions are valid and compelling.

Thesis is lucid and meaningful; argument is developed and sustained throughout; conclusions are logical.

Thesis statement reasonably clear although obvious; argument not well supported by body of paper (e.g., argument meanders); conclusions unconvincing or superficial.

No clear thesis.

Depth and comprehension of content


Paper demonstrates profound and nuanced comprehension of the material.

Paper demonstrates comprehension of the material.

Paper occasionally misinterprets the material.

Paper incorrectly interprets the material.

Demonstrated Research Skills


Paper demonstrates that student has exceeded research expectations, independently discovering and analyzing new primary and/or secondary scholarly materials, including foreign language materials. Student has a sophisticated understanding of scholarly writing and can identify and question the assumptions, methodology, and arguments therein.

Paper demonstrates thoughtful analysis of sources and some independent research (location and retrieval of information from a variety of sources). Student distinguishes between information, interpretation and opinion in scholarly writing.

Paper demonstrates use and general comprehension of the required number of primary and secondary sources to which student was directed by Professor. Student distinguishes between primary and secondary sources and can use them appropriately when directed.

Student failed to use required number of sources or sources to which student was directed. Student shows a lack of understanding of assigned sources.

Academic Integrity


Student adheres fully to the standards of academic integrity, particularly regarding the differentiation of one’s own ideas and those of others by properly acknowledging sources.

Student generally adheres to the standards of academic integrity, particularly regarding the differentiation of one’s own ideas and those of others by properly acknowledging sources.

Student has attempted to adhere to the standards of academic integrity by documenting direct quotations but has not sufficiently differentiated summarized ideas of others from student’s own observations.

Student has not acknowledged sources properly.

Formal requirements / Grammar / Organization


Paper contains virtually no mechanical errors. Student writing is lucid, elegant and evocative. Structure and organization of paper is coherent, fluid, sophisticated, and sustained throughout the paper.

Paper shows evidence of thorough proof-reading and contains properly formatted footnotes and bibliography with a clear, persuasive writing style. Organization/ structure of paper is coherent and logical.

Relatively few errors in citation format, bibliography, grammar with relatively clear writing style. Paper meets stated length requirements. Organization/structure of paper is attempted but not consistent throughout.

Paper is replete with mechanical, language, and grammatical errors. Paper does not meet length requirements. Paper is disorganized.



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