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World Cinema

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Research Presentation



You will select and research a national cinema of your choice.


I must approve your choice. Approval will be on a first come first served basis. (Everyone will be doing a different nationality)


Your research should include a minimum of 9 different quality texts and involve screening several films. You must submit a bibliography in Chicago/Turabian Style. Remember you are covering this material for the course. Be sure you use credible sources and that you cover the key elements for your topic.


Time: No more than 30 minutes


Think of the most interesting way to present the material. You could: show clips from films to illustrate your points. Use a Prezi or PowerPoint. Provide handouts. Have a discussion. Ask questions. Etc…


Because this material will be part of the examination, think about how you can help your fellow students remember it:

  • Guiding questions
  • Outline of the notes
  • Notes on the board
  • A summary of key points
  • A hand out
  • Stop and ask questions
  • Have discussions.


Try to be creative in your presentation. People don’t listen when they are bored and they don’t learn if they don’t listen.


Two main principles in presenting:

  1. Be thorough
  2. Be interesting


This assignment is worth 150 points.


 here is attached the bibliography for the presentation 

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