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Topic: Training Strategy Briefing (Power Point Presentation)
Assignment Instructions:  Prepare a briefing that describes your training strategy as a Sergeant Major and discuss the training management process.  The presentation will describe the application of the training management concept(s).  Students must display a clear understanding of key principles using real world examples.

The requirements for this presentation are:


  1. This is an information briefing, not a
  2. The presentation will be no less than 18 minutes and no more than 22
  3. Presentation will consist of 6 to 10 slides (including Title Slide, Agenda, Conclusion, & References). Do not exceed 10 total
  4. May use up to two other visual aids such as charts and diagrams if

Readings (please google):

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  1. ADP 7-0, Training 2019: Read chapters 1 thru 4 (18 pages)


  1. FM 6-0, Commander and Staff Organization and Operations_2014: Read chapters 7 & 9 (57 pages)


  1. FM 7-0, Train to Win In a Complex World_ 2016: Read chapters 1 & 2 (42 pages)


  1. TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1, The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028_2018: Read para 1-1 Purpose (1 paragraph); Appendix B (2 pages)


  1. AR 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development_2017: Read Section III Goals of Army Training para. 1-8 thru 1-10 (3 paragraphs)


  1. ADP 6-22, Army Leadership_2019: Read chapter 10 (8 pages)


  1. The Seasoned Executive’s Decision-Making Style (5 pages)


  1. TRADOC Pamphlet 525-8-2, The Army Learning Concept for Training and Education for 2020-2040_2017: Read chapters 2 & 3 (22 pages)

Rubrics and PowerPoint slide deck, attached separately.

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