Political Science homework help

Instructions Research the background of your Congressional representatives based on your address listed with CU – two senators and a member of the House of Representatives. Find out about their previous occupation(s), political experience, family, income, education, and other relevant demographics. What percentage of the vote did they receive to win in their last election? What are two policy issues areas they are interested in? How do these areas reflect their ideologies?

Here is a link to get your started:

· https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.)

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Each state elects two senators to the United States Senate for staggered 6-year terms. Senators represent the entire state. Virginia’s senators are:


Mark Warner

Senior Senator for Virginia

Since Jan 6, 2009 (current term ends Jan 3, 2021)


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Timothy “Tim” Kaine

Junior Senator for Virginia

Since Jan 3, 2013 (next election in 2024)


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The United States is divided into 435 congressional districts, each with a population of about 710,000 individuals. Each district elects a representative to the U.S. House of Representatives for a two-year term. Representatives are also called congressmen/congresswomen.


Gerald Connolly

Representative for Virginia’s 11th congressional district

Since Jan 6, 2009 (current term ends Jan 3, 2021)



Write an essay. Start by identifying all three of your representatives. Then, pick the representative you are most interested in and explain why they interest you. Present the information you found in your research required above in the essay.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

· Length: 4 full pages (not including title page or references page)

· 1-inch margins

· Double spaced

· 12-point Times New Roman font

· Title page

· References page (minimum of 2 scholarly sources beyond those provided)