Political Science homework help

Comparative Case Study Exercise, 2-3 pages (double-spaced)

: This assignment requires

students to identify a research problem in political science that interests them and explore

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it by selecting at least two units of analysis for comparison.   This assignment has three

components to it and must be structured in the following matter using the headings below:

1. Research Problem

: What research problem will be investigated and why?   What

variables   and/or   concepts   are   important   for   this   investigation?     How   are   these

variables and/or concepts going to be defined?   What are the parameters of this


2. Units Selected

: Which units are being selected?  Why?   What will each unit tell us

about the research problem that is going to be investigated?

3. Justification for Selection

:  Why were these units selected?  What will these units tell us about the research problem?  How do the units’ similarities and/or differences help

to better address the research problem? This assignment does not require citation and a bibliography.   However, students are strongly encouraged to consult some of the supplementary readings on case studies and comparisons.  Moreover, students should wisely do some preliminary research into their

topic and units for reasons of precision and grounding. Unless an extension has been granted, this assignment must be submitted no later than

23:59 on October 18.  Late submissions will be accepted until 23:59 on October 20 with a penalty of one letter grade.  F