Policy Analysis Draft 2:

Its due in 12 hours

It’s on medical marijuana in Florida and how it got approved

It is a draft, and there is first part to it on the file attached

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Your goal now is to add academic research to your paper in an attempt to bring more perspective to the topic and perhaps view the larger, related issues and/or context within which the policy or law exists.  For your final paper, you will be required to use a minimum of 8 sources.

Beyond researching your topic (the law/policy) and writing the fundamental information on it, your goal for phase II of this paper focuses on a particular aspect in the policy that you want to investigate more in-depth. Perhaps the policy has become problematic as it affects one organization or population. Or a law may be good, but enforcing it may be problematic as a result of the limited resources of the agency tasked with enforcement or oversight. 

Refer to the Policy Analysis section of your book for more guidance (146-150) and feel free to email me with any questions.

Due Thursday, April 1: you are to turn your research into a rough draft of 5-6 pages, which includes ALL of the sections below under “required format and content

REQUIRED FORMAT AND CONTENT FOR DRAFT 1: Please use prescribed headings and subheadings below in your paper

 I. Policy: provide a clear definition and description of the policy in force, when it was implemented, and a brief explanation of important aspects of the policy.
 II. History: a brief history of the policy, including the economic, social, and political environments in which the problem arose; a clear description of the problem the policy was created to resolve, including an estimate of its extent and importance; information on who put the policy in place and why.
 III. Environmental Factors
 A. Physical Factors: description of any physical factors that affect the origin, development, and
                     implementation of the current policy (i.e. if you are analyzing a policy regarding the Everglades, you
                     would include here specific regions, wildlife, or physical or tangible elements involved within your
B. Social Factors: identify the socio-economic players affected by the policy and explain why: who
                      benefits from the policy? Who suffers from the policy? Social factors include but are not limited to the
                      following: age, race, gender, social class, religion, sex, and education.
 C. Economic Factors: describes the cost of implementing and developing the policy: how much is spent?
                      Who pays for it? Who benefits financially? Who suffers financially?
 D. Political Factors: identifies the political players affected by the policy: who supports the policy? Who
                      opposes the policy? Political factors may include: political parties, religious organizations, civil rights
                      groups/organizations, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations. Please do NOT include
                      individual politicians.

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