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 The informal assessment tool that I will be using is the Daily Log. The daily log is under the informal assessment tool of observation. Observations shouldalways be dated and the observer noted if multiple people are assessing the same group of children (Jaruszewicz, 2013). The daily log is used to keep records of the activities of the children throughout a time period. Being observant is important, but without recorded data, it will be hard to see if the observational tools are truly working. The daily log continues to record and is something that can be referred to for the future. Reliability is only assured when everyone engaged in the assessment process is perfectly clear about what is being looked for, and what evidence is required to determine competence. Developing observation protocols is not a trivial activity (Atherton, 2013).       

             A great way to track the child’s progression/regression is keeping the information on paper or a hard copy. The daily log is also good because you can take a good look at what the child is doing when engaging in different activities. Recording these activities and studying their actions accurately, will provide the educator with all the tools needed to be effective. When trying to see why a child is doing certain things at certain times, than using a daily log will be good to track it. The daily log records can be used to fix problems, continue certain treatments, or for guidance in future programming with this child. Being observant is important, but without recorded data, it will be hard to see if the observational tools are truly working. 

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After completing an observational assessment on my four year old classroom by using a daily log. I was able to record their activities and interactions that I witness from the four year olds for a week straight in three different periods of the day. The daily log allowed me to observe the children from the morning until they departed from the childcare center in these three areas. The daily log allowed me to track my children movements when it came to mealtime/ snack time, naptime, and playtime. The daily log showed me that some of my children really enjoyed mealtime/snack time and they would pay better attention when they were given directive to sit down at the table for the meal. I also recorded in the daily log that during naptime the children would lose a lot of their excitement and find resting places in their favorite areas of the classroom, separate from most of their friends. Lastly I kept a daily log on them during playtime and I recorded the excitement level at an all time high. During playtime I also recorded an increase in peer interaction between the children. Being able to keep this daily log has allowed me to see what things I will need to increase/decrease, so that my children are getting all the right tools necessary to be successful going forward.

(my teacher Guided Response Criteria (respond to a minimum of 2 classmates):

Select a peer who selected a different assessment.


Include in your response to your peers:

1.      How are the assessments alike?

2.      How are the assessments different?

3.      What are the strengths of your peer’s chosen assessment?

4.      What are the weaknesses of your peer’s chosen assessment?

5.      How can both assessments impact instructional decisions?



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