please must read instructions carefully! (800 words) LEGAL ASPECTS OF DIVERSITY ARTICLE REVIEW

Your Week 5 written assignment will be to identify an electronic article that addresses some legal aspect of a specific diversity issue, such as sexual harassment, ADA, affirmative action and so forth.  If you have any questions about the suitability of your article, please ask me before writing and submitting your article review.  Your article can come from an online magazine, academic journal, or an online version of a newspaper or news organization such as CNN, ABC, Reuters, or the Associated Press.  Electronic news sources such as Yahoo or AOL are also acceptable, but please avoid personal blogs.


      For you assignment, provide a link or a copy of your selected article, then Prepare a 800 to 1,200 word final paper that summarizes the diversity issue presented in the article and discuss your thoughts and beliefs regarding the issue. What are some of the implications for the workplace in general in your article?  Do these issues apply to your workplace?  Does the topic addressed in your article likely to hinder or foster diversity?

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      Much like the assignment for week 1, this paper will be a highly structured writing assignment.  For this paper, I do not need to see an introduction or a conclusion, but rather, I need only see 4 key elements: 1) 1-2 paragraphs summarizing the issue raised in the article, 2) 1-2 paragraphs placing the issue or incident from your article within the larger context of diversity in the workplace, 3) 1-2 paragraphs addressing whether the actions taken in your article or the response to your issue serves to hinder or foster diversity, and finally 4) 1-2 paragraphs expressing your well reasoned and factually supported personal opinion of the article.  If you so choose, you may simply number your paper 1-4 and address each of these 4 key elements with its own couple of paragraphs. I will not count words for each of the 4 sections, but the total paper should be about 800 to 1200 words, which means that in order to thoroughly address each of the key elements of the assignment, each response section should be roughly 200-300 words.  You may also write this paper in full paper form with a proper introduction and conclusion if you so desire, as long as you address all four key elements of the assignment in turn.


       I also expect a full link to you selected article and a complete APA style citation for the source article and any outside resources you use to support your arguments.  

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