Please include to cite text book Nursing research : reading , using and creating evidence by Janet House fourth edition

Please include to cite text book Nursing research : reading , using and creating evidence by Janet House fourth edition

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Nurse burn-out during a pandemic is the topic for my group. The article I choose explains some stressors during pandemic and the best ways to nurses can minimize it. During any pandemic, nurses are among the key workforce who work hard to provide care at the frontline. As they go on with their work, burn-out becomes a major threat to their occupation. They experience high work-load and multiple psychosocial stressors that may affect their mental and emotional health which may lead to the feelings of lack of sense of self-efficacy and competence and therefore characterize burn-out symptoms (Sultana 2020). In nursing schools, they are trained to care for patients who have diseases which the general public are afraid of. For instance, as a result of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, nurses all over the world are constantly working in hospitals scared because they see their friends and co-workers get sick and in need of intubation. Even though they continue to show diligence in their work, they are highly anxious of the fact that they are not sure if they are having proper protective equipment, death scares them and are powerless before their hospital’s administration.

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There are various contextual factors that surround COVID-19 that have heightened the increased level of anxiety among nurses. Some of them include its ease of transmission, the more length of time taken to test, lack of enough medical equipment, uncertainty of its trajectory and the continued fight for their lives and their patients lives. The significance of this article to nursing practice during any pandemic is a lot. Nurses are made aware of the existence of stressors in their line of work. These stressors are can be seen by the public in various ways. And therefore, there are policies that hospitals can adopt to help them overcome such problems (Houser, Janet. 2018).The hospitals need to support them by connecting them with mental health professionals, they should conduct follow-ups on their long-term mental health, they should implement psychological first aid for their anxiety symptoms (Nelson & Lee-Winn, 2020).


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