Required Resources

Interactive Learning Activity

    1. Inductive and Deductive Arguments
      • This practice activity will help students differentiate between inductive and deductive arguments.


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Examples of Arguments in Media

These argument examples can be used to help you identify what arguments in the media may look like. If you would like, you may use these arguments for your discussion post. It is not necessary to view all examples, but it is encouraged that you view as many as necessary to fully grasp the concept of arguments in media.

  1. Jcr610. (2010). Examined Life: Martha Nussbaum [Video file]. Retrieved from
    • This video presents an argument that attempts to counter historical social contract theory. Students will analyze the video’s premises, conclusions, and presuppositions. Transcript
  2. Lalla, M. (2006, June 18). Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator [Video file]. Retrieved from
  3. NASCAR Tango. (2008, Mar. 16). Alan Keyes and Barack Obama speak about homosexuality [Video file]. Retrieved from
    • This video provides opportunities for students to analyze arguments. Transcript
  4. Rhawk301. (2006, June 15). Alex Jones from Waking Life [Video] Retrieved from
    • Democratic Underground. (2011). Alex Jones’ rant from Waking Life[Transcript]. Retrieved from×3492600
  5. Taylor, S. (Executive producer). (2012). Afghanistan: Girl power! [Video file]. Available from the Films On Demand database.
    • This video analyzes women’s rights in Afghanistan and presents topics that relate to logical argumentation and lack of factual evidence in constructing social norms.

    • Buying a Car Scenario


      Buying a Car Scenario

      Please read the instructions below for information on how to participate in this discussion. Please make sure to read the instructions thoroughly as not all Discussion Questions will have the same guidelines. 

      For a list of resources that are specific to this assignment, please utilize the “Resources Tab” located below. 

      If you feel that you need help with any of the main topics below, please revisit the Practice Activities located in the Weekly Overview. 


      Buying a Car
      Required Resources


      1. An introduction to logic
        1. Chapter 3: Deductive and Inductive Arguments

      Interactive Learning Activity

      1. Buying a Car
        • This scenario will help introduce students to evaluating arguments.


      1. Johnson, P. (2013). Steps for evaluating an argument [Template]. Office of Assessment Strategies & Instructional Systems, Ashford University, Clinton, IA.
        • This template will assist with the process of evaluating an argument.


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