Peer Response 2


  • Review the peers’ response

  • Compare and contrast your experience to that of your classmates. Share an idea that might help your peers with their frustration moving forward.

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  • Your responses should be at least 100 words


 At the beginning of the challenge article discussion, I was confused. I read through many of the articles and chose Universal Preschool; in my opinion, I completely agree with the idea of a preschool for every student. As I went through and read the article, I started to get excited about the idea and actually became a bit upset because it seemed that funding is the only reason that this is not something that is being made to happen.

Something that I learned about myself is that I did not have a strategy of getting through any article or piece of research. I have honestly become so much more excited about reading again like I used to be; although a lot of the reading that comes with schooling and courses, I am still struggling with, I am so much more open to sitting down and getting things done.

I find that having to answer and explain about the things that I am reading makes me so much more excited to read and talk about the things that I read. I love picking up my book and reading so that I can come every week, talk about the story, talk about my questions, and what I’m thinking will happen next. The most frustrating thing for me is the reading notebooks- I personally find that having to write about some type of article that has nothing to do with what I am learning, or reading is hard for me, but I do understand why they are assigned to us.

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