Option #1: Online Venture

You are working to develop an online venture. It is your goal to make a difference. Whether your project is for-profit or not-for-profit, you must raise revenue (in the case of a not-for-profit you must sustain the cause), so you will need to use one of the online business models. In developing a plan, you must take into consideration the potential ethical concerns, social impacts and legal issues involved in undertaking the venture.

In a well-written paper, develop a plan that addresses the above considerations. You should also include the following in your plan:

  • a basic overview of the online venture, including its mission;
  • the type of online business model to be used for the venture;
  • a summary of how this venture will appeal to various cultures;
  • an analysis of the affects this venture might have on various cultures;
  • any ethical issues this business can address, could encounter, or both;
  • potential risks associated with operating an online venture such as this one;
  • strategies for protecting privacy;
  • discussion of any needed copyrights, trademarks, patents, or trade secrets, if applicable; and
  • potential benefits brought about by this venture.

Your paper should also meet the following requirements:

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