Operations Management homework help

This is a discussion question please follow the rubric in exact order listed below Must be in APA format

1.  Student provides a thorough and detailed description of the organization he/she selected and the decision this organization made by providing details related to concept of throughput accounting with examples supporting thinking.

2.  Student provides a thorough and detailed explanation of the impact that the decision had on investments in operations (people, processes, software, infrastructure, current projects) and identifies the constraint/non-constraint context including the primary constraint resource in his/her example(s) to support thinking

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3.  Student provides a thorough and detailed assessment of whether the organization made the correct decision based on the application of throughput accounting principles, thoroughly explains how the decision impacted the constraint/non-constraint resources including the effect the decision had related to organizational Throughput, Inventory, and Operating Expense, and justifies his/her response.

4.  Writing is clear, logical, well-organized and appropriate. Work is free from spelling and grammar/syntax errors. Tone is professional and free from bias (i.e., sexism, racism). There are no errors.