Okay we are doing work from the texas write source skills book pages 61-70. The directions say: write the correct…

Okay we are doing work from the texas write source skills book pages 61-70.
The directions say: write the correct word for each word in parentheses that is used incorrectly.

This is it: I will Number them . Please tell me if any are wrong. Thank you!

1(Accept) for 2(ringing)my hands nervously, I stood 3(stationery) behind the heavy velvet curtain. Each second 4(past) as slowly as an hour, but my heart beat faster 5(then) a drumroll until i thought my 6(vanes) would pop. I came up with a plan to run backstage, 7(lay) down, and send out anyone 8(beside) me to play my part.
9(Its) almost like Ms. Keadon, the director, 10(herd) what I was thinking. She wasn’t about to 11(let) me alone. Before I got any 12(further), she spun me around, and firmly 13(brought) me back to my mark.
As a 14(moral) boost she whispered, “It’s 15(all right). You are going to be 16(real) great. You can 16(led) this play. Now go out there and 17(brake) a leg!”
I knew she was 18(inferring) that she 19(choose) me to play the 20(principle) role in the play because she believed in me. That was quite a 21(complement), but how could I do 22(good) if I couldn’t remember the first line? Why did I want this part so 23(bad) 24(anyways)? Was I under the 25(allusion) that acting was all about having fun and 26(waring) beautiful costumes? Had I forgotten how shy I am?
I panicked. Then I thought of all the hours Ms.Keadon would 27(learn) me and the other cast members our lines. I couldn’t 28(dessert) them now. During every rehearsal. Ms. Keadon had treated us 29(as) professionals, and it was time I started to act 30(as) one.

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1. Except
3. Stationary
5. Than
6. Veins
7. Lie
8. Besides
9. It’s
10. Heard
11. Leave
12. Farther
13 Morale
14 All right
16 Lead
17. Break
18. Implying
19. Chose
20. Principal
21. Compliment
22. Well
23. Badly
24. Anyway
25. Illusion
26. Wearing
27. Teach
28. Desert
29. Like
30. Like

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