object modeling ass 2

Assessment item 2
Assignment – 2
Value: 20%
Due date: 14-Apr-2014
Return date: 27-Apr-2014
Submission method options
Alternative submission method


Task 1: 20 Marks

1        Define the term ‘use case’ and explain the role of use cases in system analysis.
2        Explain the difference between the <<include>> and <<extends>> relationships in use case diagrams?
3        Compare and contrast between ‘Agile’ and ‘iterative’ methodological approach.
4        What is the difference between USDP and the Waterfall lifecycles in the relationship of between activities and phases?
5        Explain Class diagram. Outline the main steps in developing a class diagram for a Use Case(UC).
Task 2: 20 Marks
Task-2 of this assignment uses the Case Study based on an Interview contained in a separate document (Please see the details in page 221 of your text book).  Carefully read this case study. You are required to answer the following questions based on the Case Study. 
It is expected that answers to the assignment questions be succinct and MUST be written your own words.
Question 1: UC diagram
           Prepare a use case diagram for the case study. 
Question 2: Description of the UCs
Write a short description for the following UC:
  • Start line run
  • Record employee joining the line
  • Record employee leaving the line
  • Stop line
Question 3: Sequence diagram 
          Prepare a sequence diagram for each of the UC in Q2.

Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.

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This assessment task covers the fundamentals concepts of object modelling, activities of SDLC, use cases, dynamic models and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to:

– Introduction to Information System (IS) and the challenges in developing IS
– IS life cycles, methodologies and development tools
–  Object orientation and modelling concepts
– Requirements analysis and Use Case (UC)
– Requirements model and object interaction

Marking criteria

The following marking sheet will be used to assess students’ submissions. Please check that you have met all the criteria before you submit your assignment. The detail marking rubric will be supplied into the resources section of subject Interact site  prior to the session –  

Max Possible
  TASK 1 : 20  
1 Correct definition and explanation of the role of use case (UC) with at least one reference and proper referencing. 3
2 Correct and concise explanation to differentiate between the terms with supporting reasons. At least one reference and appropriate referencing 4
3 Correct and concise description about compare and contrast – at least one reference and appropriate referencing 4
4 Correct and concise answer with rationale – at least one reference and appropriate referencing 5
5 Correct explanation of class diagram and its developing steps. At least one reference and appropriate referencing 4
  TASK 2: 20  
1  Correct  diagram  of UCs based on given case study 4
2 Correct and concise description of UCs in relation to the case study 6
3 Correctness of the diagram with justification 10
  Total marks 40
  Total percentage of overall subject 20%

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