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Today nursing is viewed as a good career choice, but it still has some prejudices among gender roles in nursing. For example, I have seen some male doctors be very demeaning to female nurses but their response to male nurses seemed more respectful. That behavior alone could have a negative effect on public perception of nurses.

At one point in time the nursing field was inhabited by the undesirables like prostitutes a stigma that even today when a person dresses up as a nurse for costume use. This person is more than likely dressed in skimpy attire fit for a lady of the night. That is when I believe nurses reputation was at its worst during the period before Florence Nightingale put her stamp on the nursing profession. Florence Nightingale changed the image of nursing by promoting education and a since of dignity to the nursing field. Nursing roles and scope of practice within a changing health care system starts with the basics of the nursing process that includes the initial assessment, diagnosis, planning, interventions, and the outcomes of the patient.

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Nurses must stay up to date on expected competencies as well (Case de Leonardi,2014). As nursing education increased and nurses begin to gain more autonomy through education, nursing specialties, advanced nursing practices and competencies governed by standard of practice and regulated by polices geared to improve patient care and safety. Nurses as a whole has changed for the better. With so many specialties in the nursing role to pursue, a nurse can choose from many certifications to demonstrate and confirm their knowledge in their clinical area of practice (AACN, 2017).