Nursing patho exercise

Question Description


  • Describe the mechanisms that confine cells and tissues to a specific anatomic site.
  • Discuss the use of tumor markers in cancer diagnoses. Which types of cancer can be diagnosed in this manner? How do tumor markers work? What are the markers actually measuring?
  • Complete the following table by relating benign and malignant tumors to their sites of origin:
TissueBenign TumorMalignant Tumor
Connective/mesenchymal tissueFibromaChondromaOsteomaLipomaLeiomyomaRhabdomyomaHemangioma
HematopoieticInfectious mononucleosis
Nerve tissueNeuromaNeurilemmoma
Epithelial tissuePapillomaAdemoma

Case Study

  • Complete Case Study #60 (Down’s syndrome) in the Bruyere textbook.

Professional Development

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Write a essay on your choice of the following topics:

  • Allergies (choose seasonal, environmental, or food)
  • Cancer (choose pancreatic, lung, breast, or prostate)

The essay should contain at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook. It should cover the following points:

  • Explain the pathophysiology of the disease
  • Discuss common clinical manifestations
  • List differential diagnoses
  • Determine which lab tests would confirm the diagnosis and expected results
  • Analyze a current protocol for treatment and discuss how the treatment works from the pathophysiological perspective