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Rowan H. is a 65-year old man in reasonably good health.  He is 68 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds.  He takes a daily multivitamin supplement and over-the-counter antacids for heartburn.  His usual diet includes lean meat, chicken, fish, and fresh vegetables and fruit in season from his garden.  He now reports having severe heartburn after a family reunion picnic over the Labor Day weekend and over the past two days has experienced diarrhea and painful stomach cramps.

  1. Based on his history, name at least two reasonable explanations for Rowan’s sudden onset of diarrhea and cramps.


  1. What may explain Rowan’s symptoms of heartburn?


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  1. What immediate treatment would you suggest for his current symptoms?
  2. What information and advice would you offer Rowan to help him avoid this type of discomfort in the future?


  1. At what point would you advise him to seek medical care?


  1. Tammy E. is a 41 year old IT Manager. Her job is very stressful and Tammy is a light smoker of about 5 cigarettes per day. Tammy has complained about a dull upper abdominal pain and indigestion for several weeks. She has been using over-the counter antacids in an effort to control her symptoms.  Tammy sought medical attention when she began to experience vomiting which appeared red.  Laboratory testing reveals that Tammy is iron deficient.  Her physician suspects she has a peptic ulcer and schedules her for an endoscopy (where a hollow tube equipped with a lens called an endoscope is passed down the throat and into the esophagus, stomach and small intestine. Using the endoscope, the doctor looks for ulcers).


  1. What is the most usual cause of peptic ulcers? Considering this cause, what is the usual course of treatment?


  1. Because of the stress associated with her job, Tammy often stops for happy hour at a local restaurant for drinks after work. What recommendations do you have regarding Tammy’s stress management practices?


  1. Do you think Tammy’s iron deficiency might be related to a peptic ulcer? Why or why not?


  1. Recently, there is an abundance of gluten-free foods on grocery store shelves. The demand for gluten-free products has increased dramatically over the last decade as gluten-free diets have gained in popularity. Although a gluten-free diet is the best treatment for people with celiac disease, it has been adopted by millions of other people for a variety of other reasons.  Compare the kcalories, fiber, sugars, and saturated fat on the labels below of two similar products, one whole grain, the other gluten-free (answer the following questions).

Product A:  Whole Wheat Bread Grain Bread
Product B:  Gluten-Free Whole
Product B:  Gluten-Free Whole

  1. Complete the following table:


  Product A Product B
Kcalories per serving    
Fiber per serving, g.    
Sugars per serving, g.    
Saturated fat per serving, g.    


  1. Compare the two products for benefits for someone with celiac disease. What risks might there be?


  1. Compare the two products for benefits for someone who does not have celiac disease. What risks might there be?


  1. Which product would you be more likely to buy? Why?


  1. Discuss helpful strategies in preventing heartburn.


  1. Discuss helpful strategies in preventing constipation


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