NRSE 4570 Ohio Generational Diversity in Nursing

Question Description

  • Written Assignment- Nurses cultural background and impact on care- 40 point value. The student will review table 12.2 on p. 379 of your textbook and address the following:
    • Define and describe the four generations – name, timeframe, and a description of that group’s characteristics.
      (VETERANS (1925-1945), BABY BOOMERS (1946-1964), GENERATION X (1965-1980), MILLENNIALS (1980-PRESENT)
    • Choose the group to which you belong.(I BELONG TO THE MILLENNIALS, BORN 1992) Explain how you think that you fit with this assessment of that generation.
    • Choose another group to which you do not belong. Explain how those from your group can learn from that group, and explain how that group could learn from yours.
      • Must include 4 references, 2 must be from course materials and 2 from peer reviewed references. All must be no older than 5 years (2014-2019) unless course material.
      • 4 points per day deduction for late assignments
  • Suggested Headings
    • Title of Paper (centered, not bolded)—do not include the word Introduction
    • Four Generations (centered, bolded)
    • My Generation (left margin, bolded)
    • Another Generation (left margin, bolded)—please use the specific generation as the heading
    • Conclusion (generally not used as a heading and instead you should use the words In conclusion, to begin the conclusion)