New Healthcare class assignment


Using the Phase 1 Word Document, utilize the track changes feature while performing the following functions:

Part 1: MS Word Formatting

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  1. Turn on the Track Changes function.
  2. Add a title page in APA format. The title of your document should be “History of the University”.
  3. Change the document text to 12-point, Times New Roman font by selecting the text first and then choosing Times New Roman, size 12-point
  4. Highlight the title and change the color or the text to blue
  5. Bold the title
  6. Double space the 2 paragraphs
  7. Underline and italicize the first sentence of the second paragraph
  8. Use the spelling and grammar function to correct any errors in the document
  9. Cut and paste the CTU Logo and place it at the top, center of the page, below the title
  10. Insert a page break at the end of first page
  11. On 2nd page Insert a clip art picture of a computer and place in the center of page
  12. Please give the picture a title of your choice and center it above the picture
  13. Save the document as “CTU History” within your files
  14. Add page numbers.

Part 2: File Management

  1. Set-up your file management system for this course.
  2. Provide at least one screenshot that demonstrates your file organization system. (If you need help with creating a screenshot, ask your instructor)
  3. Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs explaining how organizing your folders in this manner will allow you to store and retrieve files in an organized and efficient way.



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