Need help with a 10 page analysis paper ASAP Please review and let me know if you can handle it   The…

Need help with a 10 page analysis paper ASAP Please review and let me know if you can handle it


The Process:

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Since this is your first consulting job for this client, you want to do it right. After all, this could lead to additional analysis opportunities for you down the road.  After benchmarking with other financial consultants, and viewing some of their work, you feel you need to provide the following information to your client:

  1. Brief history and description of the company – background, primary product/service offerings, customers, business sector(s), etc.
  2. Financial analysis of XYZ Company – based on data provided from the last four financial reports (Annual Reports and 10Ks).  (note: you must choose a publicly-traded corporation in order to be able to access this data)
  3. Report on the strengths and weaknesses of any financial trends of XYZ Corporation
  4. XYZ Company’s competitors – who are they, size, background, etc.
  5. XYZ Company’s industry – what are trends in this industry?
  6. Based on your research, where do you think XYZ Company is going to be in three to five years?  To help answer this question you need to know the company as well as the industry.  Make sure you provide and support the assumptions used to project the company’s future. 
  7. Recommendations – what are you advising your client to do?
  8. Bibliography – You know your client is going to want to verify the information provided in your report, therefore you will provide references in a bibliography.


The paper needs to be between eight and ten pages in length; it must be typed and double-spaced. Please include a bibliography of the reference used in the paper. The bibliography should follow the APA reference style. The APA style refers to references in the text by author and year; i.e (Jones, 1995) or (Smith, 1996; Rizzo,1994). If you need more details, please refer to the style manual provided by the National University.

You will of course document any sources you are directly quoting, and will make sure that this is your own work!!!!!!!!

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