My mother was never the affectionate type. I am and she is the reason why. I show all the love…

My mother was never the affectionate type. I am and she is the reason why. I show all the love and affection to my kids because growing up I didn’t receive that love from her. My mother has given me motherly advice; “Always put your kids first” was the most important thing she told me. They should never have to go without. My mother was not really there for me emotionally and mentally. As a result of that I spend as much time with my kids as I can. I show them that I will always be there to support them and cheer them on with whatever they decide to do in life.
Whenever I used to ask for things that I wanted growing up, I was told to get it myself. My mother always gave me what I needed, but when I wanted something it was up to me. That drove me to get a job and start working in the 10th grade, which is where the independence she taught me comes into play. When she was growing up, she had to get what she wanted on her own, and with that knowledge, I chose to take the same mindset towards life, do for me and mine. The stories that she used to tell me helped me to become the person I am today.
My mom is not an ideal model, but her ways and demeanor made her who she is. She was there physically, but not mentally or emotionally, which led me to be who I am today, overly affectionate. Therefore she has influenced my life by teaching me her struggles don’t have to be mine, teaching independence and showing me the kind of mother I want to be, which is being more affectionate and hands on with my kids. All of these events helped me to be strong minded and have a more positive attitude with my life and towards my family.

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