Module 4

Learning Resources


Required Resources

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Optional Resources


  • Web Site: Zero to Three: Brain Development

  • Web Article: “Brain Development: What We Know About How Children Learn” by Judith Graham
    University of Maine Cooperative Extension: Family Issues Facts

  • Web Site: Better Brains for Babies
    Starting Early, Starting Smart?

    The readings in this module explore current knowledge about optimal times for literacy learning and early literacy development strategies, including early foreign language instruction, teaching babies sign language, and reading to the fetus in utero. In preparation for this discussion, consider each of these early literacy development strategies in light of what you have learned regarding optimal times for early literacy development.

    By Day 7 of Week 10:

    Post your response to the following:

    • Your thoughts about early literacy development strategies within the context of brain research and optimal times for literacy learning
    • Advice you would give to a parent regarding each of the early literacy development strategies presented in this module in terms of its appropriateness and efficacy in supporting early literacy

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