Module 03

Since it is clear that exposure to violent images in the visual media (television, movies, and computer games) can lead to more violent behavior in children and adults, do you think that the television and movie producers have any responsibility to limit our exposure to violence on screen? Does the responsibility for limiting one’s exposure to violence in the visual media remain only with the viewer, who can choose to turn off the television, use a V-chip, not go to a movie, or play a certain video game? Why or why not? If you do think they have some responsibility to limit the viewer’s exposure to violence, how should it be limited? Should it be limited only for children? Are there any violent acts, situations, or images that should not be shown to adult audiences? Why or why not? You may want to conduct a key word search for the phrase “violence and media responsibility” to assist you in your discussion.

Include in your post a researched website that supports your position. Briefly describe the website and provide the website URL in your post. You may not use the same website used by a classmate who posted on this thread before you. So…post early.

Also, you are required to post one additional response on the discussion thread. This addtional post can be comments on classmates posts, responses to comments made to your original post, or a combination of the two.

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To summarize, to receive full credit (3 points) for this discussion, you must complete the following:

  1. An original post that addresses your position on the topic (1 point).
  2. An associated website summary and URL (1 point).
  3. At least one meaningful additional post in the discussion thread so you should have at least three posts (1 points).

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