mobile web


i have the web version of my website on the attached file and i need the below requiremnt on that site. 


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This week I want to see you implement your mobile designs  with at least two mobile page approaches

  • a “mobile only” ( m. site) version of at least one of your pages that will be displayed on smaller windows. 
  • page(s)  with responsive CSS to adapt to different screen sizes.  

By the time we meet in class, you should have a draft of an m. site page, and working javascript redirects to get the user to the appropriate page for their window size.  

It would also be good to have made significant progress on the page with responsive CSS so we can go over any issues in class.  

Grading components for the Responsive Web assignment in Week 10 will be based on: 

  • Use of mobile web design principles for layout
  • Working redirects for m. site pages
  • Use of viewport/breakpoint concepts to control visual features
  • Range of CSS capabilities used to control positioning and sizing of content


Layout for mobile pages demonstrates mastery of user-friendly design. Pages include examples showing orientation/ordering of content areas that is consistent with window sizes for 1) phones, 2) tablets and 3) laptop/desktops

There are working bi-directional redirects to appropriate subdomains based on window size/device type.

Viewports are used with major and minor breakpoints to allow adapations for a wide variety of screen sizes. Minor breakpoints are used for more subtle changes in fonts/object sizing, while Major breakpoints control orientation and content visibility

There is a wide variety of CSS rules to control sizing, ordering, visibility, and imagery accross full, medium and small device sizes.

The site includes examples of images that change with device size, including the source files, sizes, cropping and resolution

Files are properly named, have the right file extensions and are linked properly with the HTML so that they render without problems in a browser on my laptop, cell phone and ipad


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