MKT 455 week 2

Week 2 Discussion — Market-Oriented Perspectives

Your contribution one — answer one question only out of four questions below after your reviewing this case —

“Samsung — Changing Strategies to Build A Global Brand”(attached here or you can find it in “Files”):

Question #1: What business(es) were Samsung in when it was a start-up company? What business(es) are Samsung in as it is today?

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Question #2: What distinctive competencies have given Samsung business unit (must be specific on which business unit inside Samsung) a competitive advantage?

Question #3; Which of those competencies best match the needs and wants of the customers in the business’s target segment(s)? Must be specific on which business unit inside Samsung.

Question #4: What role should marketing managers play in helping to formulate business-level (SBU) strategies in a large diversified firm such as Samsung? What kinds of information are marketers best able to provide as a basis for planning?

You will earn maximum 2 points from your completed contribution one, if —

  • You are the first person to answer any one of above four questions, given you list the question you choose to response first, followed by your answer.
  • Otherwise, you will not receive a full 2 points.

Your contribution two — comment on one of your classmates’ posting about his/her contribution one.

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