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·Culture and IHRM”  Please respond to the following:

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Use the Internet to research the culture of at least one (1) developed

country in which an office or subsidiary of a U.S.-based global

organization or MNE exists. Go to

http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/global500/2010/full_list/ for a list

of global organizations.


   ·From the Activity, discuss the cultural environment of one country in

      which a U.S.-based MNE exists. Compose two cultural differences

      between the U.S. and that country, and suggest how different cultures

      affect the activities and programs of a centralized IHRM. Provide

      specific examples to support your response.

“Managing Employees in an MNE”  Please respond to the following:

   ·Recommend a best practice an HR manager of an MNE can use to manage

      the human capital needs of a highly diverse workforce made up of

      individuals with different cultural backgrounds, speaking different

      languages and having different educational experiences. Provide

      specific examples to support your response.

“Performance Planning”  Please respond to the following:



   ·A local retail store hires sales associates to sell laptop computers.

      Create two specific outcomes and behaviors that you would use to

      measure employees’ performance as well as the standards for each

      measure. Be sure to explain why you chose those outcomes and

      behaviors. In addition, propose one standard stretch goal for the

      sales associates and recommend how you would tie that stretch goal

      into their compensation. Provide specific examples to support your


“e-Compensation”  Please respond to the following:



   ·Gueutal & Stone (2005) state that an organization’s communication

      practices can have a profound effect on how employees respond to an

      organization’s compensation practices and whether the organization

      gets what it wants. Assess the pros and cons of your organization’s

      communication approach in regard to compensation practices. Offer a

      different strategy that would provide more value to your organization

      as well as its employees. Provide specific examples to support your


Budgeting Time” Please respond to the following:



   ·Justify the time it takes to put together a budget for a human

      resource project.

   ·Support your justification by creating a hypothetical example of a

      human resource project. Relate specific elements of your example to

      support your justification.


“Valuing Risk Management” Please respond to the following:



   ·Rank risk management in importance among the previous planning

      elements of budgeting, resourcing, scheduling, WBS and scope

      planning. Justify the ranking.

   ·Create a scenario where the value of risk management would be

      minimal. Explain why.

Supply Chain Fundamentals” Please respond to the following:



   ·Evaluate how supply chain management affects the process of project


   ·Your current company has decided to enhance their IT department.

      Compare and contrast the reasons to hire new employees versus

      outsourcing the additional work.

Case Study: Affinity and Relationship Diagrams for Project Kick-off” Please

respond to the following:



   ·Give your opinion of the affinity diagram used in the case titled

      “Affinity and Relationship Diagrams for Project Kick-off”. Then,

      suggest an alternate method for a kickoff meeting. Rate the two

      methods (your suggested method and the affinity diagram) by

      comparison and decide which you would prefer and why.(See attached

      file: affinity.pdf)


·More Management Techniques” Please respond to the following:


Watch the video titled “Management Techniques from The One Minute

Manager” (6 min 28 s), found on NBC Learn. Type the title into the search

field, then click the thumbnail video that appears. Be prepared to discuss.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic29733.jpg)


Title: Management Techniques from “The One Minute Manager”

Date: Sep 6, 1982

Duration: 00:06:35




   ·From the video, give your opinion on the three approaches discussed

      in the video (goal setting, praise, and reprimand). Assess how these

      are or are not applicable to a team setting, and whether this is

      still pertinent in today’s workforce given that the video is nearly

      three decades old.

   ·Speculate the possible outcomes of reprimanding an employee.

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