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This is the case study :

IBM’s award-winning developerWorks site was established in 2000 as a technical resource for the

company’s global development community. Designed to share knowledge and skills related to

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IBM products and other key technologies, it has been a solid success. The site attracts about 4

million unique visitors a month—including students, professionals, and developers from almost all

the world’s countries– who search its library of 30,000 articles, demos, podcasts and tutorials.


70% of visitors come from outside IBM.

My developerWorks, a social networking function built on the IBM Connections platform, was

added in 2009 to allow developers to connect, communicate and collaborate on projects. Soon the

network had added more than 600,000 user profiles, as well as numerous blogs and forums. In

addition to allowing established business, start-ups and partners to collaborate, it has also helped

users find answers to support questions that would otherwise go to IBM’s call centers and help

desks, thus saving the company an estimated $100 million.

Alice Chou, Director of IBM developerWorks, carefully monitored the number of My

developerWorks profiles and the volume of traffic to the site. She looked at unique visitors,

developer demographics, time spent on the site, and patterns of page views. She created a reward

and recognition framework so that when users contributed a highly regarded article or blogpost to

the site, “they got the kudos they deserve.”


THe question to be answered is :     Why do you think Alice Chou carefully monitors the My developerWorks site?  What insights can she gain from the data she is collecting? Why do you think a rewards program is necessary for My developer works given that so many profiles have already been developed?  Support your response using relevant IS models and frameworks.


Instructions :


It should be a 2 pages following the same structure as the document attached. We have to choose the TAM model.  Please make sure we dont fall in the same comments.




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