“Meditations in an Emergency: In the midst of lockdown, seeking comfort in nature on screen” by Matthew Harrison Tedford

Write one paragraph with a topic sentence that states which evidence in Tedford’s article was more effective, his personal experience or the scientific study he describes.

To make your point clear, you will need to repeat his point and sum up the evidence in your own words. You may also quote something from his article.

***HERE IS the first time the signal phrase is your friend! I expect to see at least one.

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Your paragraph must also discuss why you found this evidence more persuasive. Does it match your personal experience? Do you just believe him because of the way he describes it? Is the science a better example to you in some way? Or some other reason for your choice? There’s no right answer; you’re just thinking about why you think what you think.

THEN, write a second paragraph where you state whether you agree with Tedford’s point. (Right, that’s NOT the same thing as evaluating his evidence! A reader could see he has good evidence and still not agree with him.) Why do you agree or disagree with his point of view? Here you may use your own personal experience or opinions to explain and support your response to his point of view. 

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