I need someone to check my answers and need help on the graphing part. Checking answers shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds each(don’t pick this up if it will take longer).

Sketch the graphs if you have to or explain it well.


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1) An investment of $5000 in an account with 6.25% interest per year, compounded monthly


A) Find the amount of the investment at the end of 2 years





B) Find the amount of interest paid (I don’t know)


C) How long will it take for this money to double


      ln2=ln(1+.0625/12) * 12t

      12t= ln(2)/ln(1+.0625/12)

      t= 11.12

2)At the end of 2 years, 5307.99 is left in the account. Find initial investment if the person got 3% each year compounded quarterly






3) A certain substance, whose mass is measured in grams, decays over time according to the formula::: N(t)=120(.975)^t


  A) Initial amount


  B) what percentage is the substance decreasing 

    1-.975 =.025 or 2.5%


   C) How many grams were left after 10 yrs?




   D) Find the half life of the substance (Logs AND Graphically)


   ln(60/120)=ln(.975) * t


    t= ln(1/2) / ln(.975)

   t= 27.38


  help me do it graphically, I dont know what that means.




DO the following::


graph f(x)=2^x (don’t need to graph this)

state domain, range


write exponential equation that if equivalent of log2^x=y( is it x=2^y? )


 GRAPH OF log2^x=y and f(x)=2^x are ____ of each other and are represented by the transformation ___ (fill the blanks)



every basic log function passes through the point _____ and every basic exponential function passes throught the point ___(fill it in )






find exponential function f(x0=a^x if the graph passes through (2,25)


find the funtion of the form loga^x=y whose graph goes through (16,-4)

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