Marketing plan Product description

The only thing you have to do is develop this idea following the intructions of this table



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For my marketing plan I will choose a Unisex Beauty Salon. I want to call it  NOVVA Hair Stylish. This beauty salon will highlight for New Era’s Hair Styles (even though employees are required to have kwnoleadge in all areas of cosmetology and barber). We will be commited to offer our guests the best service. We will offer a childcare and arcade room along with a light snacks, coffee, teas, beer and wine place.

As the owner or marketing director for your business, you will decide what features your product or service should have in order to be competitive. Then, determine what value each of those features provides to your customers. This value is the benefit associated with the feature.

This section of the Marketing Plan has TWO parts, both of which are required. Part One – Product Description

Describe the product or service in detail. This is NOT a sales pitch. Do not use this section to promote or advertise the product; this is a factual and objective description of the product. The style of this assignment is similar to an instruction manual; in other words, “just the facts.” For the Product Description, include the following:

  •   Name of the product or service

  •   What it does

  •   How it works

  •   What it looks like

  •   Key design elements

  •   What makes it special or unique

    Note: For services, adapt the above list to fit an intangible product. The concentration will be on what services you provide for your customers.

    The benchmark for determining if the Product Description is done correctly is to have another individual read it, and then describe the product verbally. They should be able to accurately describe your product.

    The Product Description portion of this assignment must be 2-3 pages in length in APA format.


    Part Two – Features and Benefits

    For this part of the Product Description, identify the Features and Benefits of the product or service. This will be done in a table, listing no less than five features of the product or service, with at least TWO customer benefits for EACH of the features.

    Include the Features and Benefits table in the same document as the Product Description. For this part of the assignment, correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are required. 


    Note: This assignament is like to a turnitin box which means that the plagiarism will be detected. Do not use plagiarism.

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