“Market Research”

  • write one page with your own words type each question before u answer them
  • Go to the Export-Import Bank of the United States’ Website to view the interactive map titled, “EXIM Supported Export Activity 2007 – 2015”, located at http://www.exim.gov/. Click on your home state. On the right-hand side of your home state’s page, the section titled “Exporter Type” lists the categories that you can use to streamline your search (small business, minority-owned, women-owned, renewable energy, environmentally beneficial, and other exporters).

Categories of exporter types

Segment the search information by checking the box of one (1) category that is meaningful to you. From the segmented information, select a business that interests you. Next, use the Internet to search for the company’s Website and any other information pertaining to the company (reviews, news articles, etc.). If the business that you selected does not have a Website, please choose another business that does. Review the search results for the selected company. 

    • Provide a brief description of the company you located through the EXIM Supported Activity 2007 – 2015 tool. Speculate on what the driving force was for the local company to branch out globally. Recommend one (1) approach the company could take in order to locate other countries to market their products to in the future.

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