Managing Performance in Organisations

Carefully read the first document (assessment document), which is a requirement. Then there is a Criteria document and PPT that may be used. I put them in the file box

As evident in the literature, and as discussed in this course, there are many significant challenges faced by organisations to achieve effective human performance management. Choose two or three of such challenges that you feel are important and relevant to today’s organisations. Discuss these challenges and what managers and human resource (HR) practitioners need to do in order to deal with them. Include relevant underlying theories to support your arguments.

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Submission Process: Task 2 Individual Essay must be submitted online through the BUSM1228 course information link in Canvas. When you submit the written report it will be automatically processed through Turnitin as part of the on-line submission process. All marking staff will comment on what you have done well in this essay and what you need to improve based on the following assessment criteria: • Key issues relating to the essay question/prompt have been developed • Original and clear argument; • Logical and convincing discussion • Ideas and assertions substantiated through use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views used to develop arguments • Number and quality of references, appropriate RMIT business referencing format • Clear and comprehensive written style (essay structure, spelling, grammar, syntax etc.)

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