Management homework help

What is its purpose?

  • An authentic way for you to demonstrate what you have learned during this course.
  • By authentic, I mean insightful application of branding principles to real world examples.
  • I do not mean memorization of the textbook theories, but rather the interpretation and application of those theories.
  • I’m looking for insight, original thinking, creativity.
  • For some questions, while there could be a wrong answer, there may be many “right” answers depending on your personal interpretation.  Don’t be anxious trying the “second guess” what the right answer might be.

Exam protocol:

  • Your honesty and integrity—and courtesy—are paramount to you as a leader and to your career, and during this exam.
  • Don’t plagiarize, copy other student’s work or ideas, or cut-and-paste from published documents.  This will earn you an automatic “F” on this exam.
  • Don’t share your ideas, or compare notes, with another student.
  • This will be an open textbook/ open notes exam.   To reiterate, simply repeating content from the textbook or lectures will not represent an adequate answer to any question.
  • Be as concise and direct as the question requires. Quantity of writing does not equal quality of answer.
  • Have a good time answering the questions!

Best wishes for a successful outcome for all,

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