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Refer chapters 13, 14 and 15 from text book and reflect critical thinking while writing the assignment
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The Visionary Leader
When Frank Coleman first began his job as president of Hi-Tech Aerostructures, most managers and employees felt a surge of excitement. Hi-Tech Aerostructures is a 50-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company that produces parts for the aircraft industry. Coleman had a vision for transforming Hi-Tech into a world-class manufacturing facility. In addition to implementing cutting-edge technology, the vision included transforming the sleepy paternalistic culture to a more dynamic, adaptive one and empowering employees to take a more active, responsible role in the organization. Vice President David Deacon was on the transformation team. Coleman and Deacon crafted a vision statement. Coleman laid out broad ideas for the vision statement. When months later, the team submitted specific plans and goals, Coleman suggested revisions. Nearly a year later, the team waited for Coleman’s response to the revised proposal. Once again, Coleman suggested a different approach. Deacon felt that Coleman would lay out another vision and ask the team to start over.
1  How effective would you rate Coleman as a visionary leader? Discuss.
2  Where would you place Coleman on the chart of types of leaders illustrated in Exhibit 13.1? Where would you place Deacon?
3  If you were Deacon, what would you do?
Culture Clash
The founder of a heavy-duty construction equipment manufacturing company died and his wife, Jane, became the CEO. In direct contrast to Jim’s style, Jane’s management style communicated respect and her vision of the company excited the employees. Two managers who were holdovers from her husband’s leadership did not fit into the company’s new culture. Their leadership-through-intimidation style caused problems in the corporate culture. Jane has to decide how to handle the situation.
1  What options do you think Jane and her management team should consider with regard to these two long-time supervisors? Discuss the positives and negatives of each option.
2  Do you think it is appropriate for Jane to remove two long-time, high-performing managers in order to create a new culture for everyone else? Why? Consider the material in Exhibit 14.3 in your answer.
3  What do you recommend that Jane do? Explain why.
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