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 I have three Discussion and One Homework. Due in 12 hours.
Module 5 Discussion- (400 words Plus two replies.)
This assignment requires students to review a recently published news media article relevant to one of the module topics and to comment on two media article reviews by other forum participants.
Locate a recent article published by a reliable media source (e.g., NY Times, Newsweek, Irish Times, Hindustan Times, US News, WSJ, Vox, NPR, etc.) that which focuses on an aspect of HIV/AIDS or TB relevant to global health, e.g., natural history, epidemiology, burden of disease, disparity, research, interventions. The source may NOT be a website which simply summarizes information (e.g., Wikipedia, Medline, MayoClinic, ACA) nor a research article from an academic journal. Check with your instructor if you have questions about the appropriateness of your source article.
Briefly summarize the contents of the article. Explain why the information contained in the article is important, surprising, or interesting, and how it relates to the current module content. Include one additional in-text citation from the textbook or other assigned reading that references this issue as well.
This summary should be approximately 400 words in length. Use an in-text citation for attribution when summarizing the content. Provide the complete APA-style reference citation for the article at the end of your review. See the guidance provided in the Additional Resources folder on the course home page. Enter or paste the text of your review directly into the forum dialogue box or upload a document.
Module 5- Activity & Discussion – ( 150 words Plus two replies.)

  1. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)” website and navigate through the various links to become familiar with the disease and past/current outbreaks.
  2. View the CDC’s “Ebola Virus Disease Distribution Map” webpage, which documents the cases of EVD that have occurred in Africa since its discovery in 1976. Investigate the map titled “Ebola Virus Outbreaks by Species and Size, Since 1976.” This map is one way to graphically represent the data outlined in the table that follows.
  3. Discuss the Ebola virus outbreak data and map with your assigned group and suggest modifications you think could be made to the map to make it more understandable and/or visually appealing. You must provide at least one substantive group discussion post by Thursday at 11:59PM ET.
  4. Then, suggest and discuss other ways the data could be presented in order to describe various aspects of the African outbreaks of Ebola virus by person, place, and/or time. Work with your group to create simple graphics in excel or draw crude graphs on paper and scan them in to demonstrate ideas. You must provide at least one additional group discussion post by Sunday at 11:59PM ET.

Module 6 Discussion– (150 words Plus two replies)

What is a home septic system? Describe the steps in the process of waste treatment in a home septic system. Why should anyone else care about what someone does with their home septic system on their own property? Integrate course material in your response and provide an example of at least one specific human disease that could occur from lack of regular maintenance of a home septic system, which causes the system to fail.

Module 5 Homework

Instructions: Review the various tables and figures presented in the attached document titled “Module 5 Homework (Tables & Figures)” (from Chapter 5 of the recommended course textbook). Choose 5 (five) tables/figures that are of interest to you. Then, in a written document, briefly interpret the data by describing the characteristics of person, place, and/or time presented in the 5 tables/figures you chose. You must submit your document in Blackboard by attaching ONE WORD or PDF fileNote: You MUST include the table/figure number (as identified in the attached document) followed by your brief interpretation of each in approximately 2-4 sentences. Your interpretations should NOT reiterate or reword the information provided in the titles of the tables/figures, but rather they should describe the important characteristics or trends apparent from the data presented. In other words, your interpretations should describe what you see as the “take-home message” of each table/figure.

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