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Week 5 – Assignment: Select Survey Method and Questions
This assignment consists of three parts: (1) Recommend and justify a method of survey administration to be used to meet the quantitative research objectives listed below; (2) develop a list of questions to be used on a questionnaire to meet the objectives listed; (3) Explain the method of survey administration you would use if a survey was conducted in your intended research.

  1. To determine the effectiveness of advertising of a specific product during the Super Bowl on increasing consumer awareness of the product.
  2. To determine the level of satisfaction of patients who are admitted to a hospital during the past 6 months.
  3. To determine if there is a relationship between the decision to pursue a career in law enforcement and gender.
  4. To determine IT professional’s perceptions of the best preparation for an IT career.

Length: Your paper should be between 6-9 pages, not including title and reference page.
References:  Include a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources.
Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.
Survey Research
Surveys are conducted to obtain information to test descriptive or correlational hypotheses via communication with a group of respondents using a questionnaire. Overall, surveys are relatively quick, accurate, and efficient means of collecting information from a population of interest. The information that is obtained is often cognitive phenomena, such as opinions, attitudes, perceptions, and awareness, as well as socioeconomic information. While actual behavior cannot be measured via a survey, you can measure reports of past behavior or future behavior.
The method of administration of a survey is based on a number of criteria including complexity and sensitivity of questions, target respondents, cost, speed, response rate, sample control, diversity of questions, the ability to use physical stimuli, interview bias potential, and perceived anonymity. Many of these criteria are often interrelated.  For instance, a mall intercept would enable the use of stimuli such as pictures or product samples and a number of diverse and complex questions. At the same time, personal interviews have a high potential for interviewer bias, perceived anonymity is low, and the cost is relatively high. In contrast, an internet survey, while low cost and quick, lacks control of the sample and tends to have low response rates.
The researcher needs to carefully consider the objectives of the study, the questions that need to be asked and the target respondents in addition to the pros/cons of the alternatives. A combination of methods is also possible. For instance, self-administered questionnaires could be hand delivered to encourage participation but left with envelopes to be returned via mail.
Be sure to review this week’s resources carefully. You are expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.

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