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Unit 2: Discussion
Post your initial two (2) responses to topics below. Respond an additional three (3) times, with at least two responses to peer postings.  There are a total of five (5) posts that are required per week.

  1. Initial Discussion Responses– Respond to two (2) discussion topics below by Thursday, 11:59 pm CT.
  2. Initial responses MUSTbe in separate posts. This allows classmates to respond to individual questions and ensures accurate post count each week.  DO NOT answer two distinct discussion questions in one post.
  3. Responses to Peers/Topic– Complete three (3) response posts as prescribed below by Sunday, 11:59 pm CT.
    1. Two (2) posts that interact with a classmate’s post with originality and thoroughness
    2. One (1) additional post that will be the students’ option.  The options are:
      1. One (1) additional post to a discussion question, or
      2. One (1) additional peer response, or
      3. The student may choose to post a question that theyhave concerning the topic.  This option will promote a “classroom” environment where student’s may ask general questions and seek peer responses.

At the discretion of the instructor, points will be taken off any response that does not fulfill all of these goals. Late points will be deducted according to the standard late submission policy.
See the grading rubric for details on complete response requirements.
Due Date

  1. How do you identify a customer segment?
  2. What are the key factors in understanding customer needs?
  3. How does an organization measure customer satisfaction and engagement?
  4. Define Empowerment and how does it impact the workforce?
  5. How do you measure workplace engagement? What is its impact on the organization?


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