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The stakeholder register is a listing of the stakeholders of the project along with information about them.

Use Microsoft Word and create a table that includes the following information about your project stakeholders:

  • Identification – Name, organizational position, location and contact details, and role on the project.
  • Assessment – Major requirements, expectations, potential for influencing project outcomes, and the phase of the project life cycle where the stakeholder has the most influence or impact.
  • Classification – Internal/external, impact/influence/power/interest, upward/downward/outward/sideward, or any other classification model chosen by the project manager.

The communications management plan will note the way information about the project will be distributed to project stakeholders. Timing of the communication, the individual responsible for sending the communication, and the recipient of the communication are also part of the communications management plan. Stakeholder communications needs are considered part of the communications management plan.

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The Communications Management Plan is a Microsoft Word document and contains the following elements:

  • Title page
  • Communications Table with the following categories:
    • Audience: A description of each stakeholder (Who)
    • Content: The information to be sent to each stakeholder (What)
    • Frequency: The timing and frequency of communication to each stakeholder (When)
    • Location: The location of the communication exchange (Where)
    • Method: The method of communication (How)
    • Sender: The responsible party to distribute the information (Who 2)
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