Management homework help

Assessment 3: Business Report

Description: Business Report
Weighting: 40%
Due: 5.30 pm AEST, Monday, Week 14
Length: 2000 words


What you will do

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You are to write a 2000 word report (formal business report structure). You should analyse the communication hierarchy and structure of an organisation (or another situation if you have not worked in an organisation – institution, club, charity, association, school or University in which communication is systemic).

The report will address several of the key themes covered by the unit – leadership and management communication styles, interpersonal skills, team and group dynamics, the emotional climate of the organisation, verbal and non-verbal cues, oral and written communication processes, work culture, intercultural communication – to name a few. It is not necessary to evaluate your organisation against every theme covered in the unit– just those that are pertinent to the organisation and to your analysis of it. However, there will be an expectation that your assignment will clearly display an understanding of the modelling, theory and basic skills detailed throughout the Unit.

You should include visual design elements in your assignment. These may include maps, surveys and diagrams/graphs. These must be cut and pasted into one word document so that it can be submitted into Turnitin. You should explain the significance of these elements within the report.

You should evaluate the effectiveness of the organisations communications hierarchy and/or structure and you report should present your argument based on this evaluative process. You should take a position on how successful the organisation’s communication structure (or elements of it) are. Finally, you should make recommendations on how communication processes could be improved based on the ideas presented in this Unit.

Throughout your document, you should support your observations and analysis by referring to scholarly materials. A minimum of 10 scholarly (peer reviewed) sources is expected in a first-year assignment of this length. Evidence of a deeper approach to your research will attract a higher mark.


You will present your response to this task in a formal Business Report.

This document contains a general overview of what a Business Report is, how it should be structured, and gives some tips and advice for how to plan your research and writing of it.

Please note: this is a general document to be used as a guide only. Not all of the details will be applicable to your specific Report. Please read through this document carefully, along with the Assessment description in the Unit Outline and the Marking Criteria Sheet, to help you get working on it.


Your report will be primarily evaluated by your Tutor on four levels:

· Your choice of organisation (the organisation must be named within the report),

· The appropriateness and comprehensiveness of your independent scholarly research and your ability to use this research to support your analysis, findings and discussion. A minimum of 10 scholarly/peer reviewed references are required for this assignment.

· Your choice and application of appropriate communication models, theory, techniques and skills (including surveys/interviews) and your ability to use these elements as tools to investigate your organisation and to support your analysis, findings and discussion,

· The depth and accuracy of your analysis of the organisation and its structures, hierarchy, values and attitudes,

· Your ability to communicate an overview of your organisation’s structure, hierarchy, attitudes and values. To explain how you applied theory, models, skills and techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of communications within this organisation. To form a position on how effective communication structures and hierarchies are within the organisation, and to develop a series of recommendations to improve communication within the organisation.

Prepare your assessment for submission

All assessment items are to be submitted with a University Assessment Coversheet (located under the “Assessment” tab > “Other Assessment Resources” folder).

Students are responsible for ensuring they complete all sections of the Cover Sheet and that they have agreed to the Academic Integrity Declaration. In addition the Cover Sheet asks you to indicate whether you agree or do not agree to your work, without disclosure of the contributor’s identity, to be used, and reproduced as an assessment exemplar for standard setting and moderation activities. You have the right to deny this request.

Please Note: Assessment items submitted without a cover sheet will not be marked by an examiner until a cover sheet is provided, unless advised otherwise in the Unit Outline and by the Unit Tutor.

On receipt of the assessment item, you are advised by the tutor, via your student email account if their assessment item does not have a cover sheet. The date of submission for the assessment item is recorded as the date on which the cover sheet is received and penalties for late submission will apply.