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Choose a local company or create a fictional product / firm.  Pick a country as a potential new market for your firm’s operations.  Using what you have learned in this course, other courses, and online resources, assess the local political, economic, and legal factors of the country. Would you recommend to your senior management that your firm establish operations and invest in this country? Which factors do you think are most important in this decision?

Questions and guidelines to help you plan your paper

  1. Consider ethical and cultural issues of your chosen country.
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your firm
  3. Consider the environmental factors such as weather in your country and how it can affect your product.
  4. Consider local and foreign competition (state your competitors in your analysis)

Deliverable:  Write a paper that includes:

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  • An introduction about your company or product / service include the background, owners, history in the market, etc. (1-2 pages)
  • An analysis about your company including SWOT or otherwise (2 pages)
  • A strategic plan for the expansion into a foreign country (countries). (2 pages)
  • The benefits and drawback of the expansion and how you will deal with the drawbacks. (2 pages)
  • Present your case to your senior management team giving all of the reasons for or against the global decision. (2 page)


  • Word count: Minimum of 1500-2500 words