Making A Mark – Personal Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay Draft

(1 page approximately 500 words, typed,  12 point font, double-spaced) 
write a narrative that uses descriptive language to tell a story. This story–like the many we have read in the last two weeks–is a story that has meaning you, something that has made or is currently making a “mark” on you. We heard about this concept in the J. Christian Jensen TED Talk. You also saw the “marks” shared by your classmates in the “Meet Your Classmates.”  You won’t tell the reader what the “mark” is, you need to make it obvious in the story you tell and the way you describe things.

The full essay will be due on Sunday–Essay 1.  For this post, simply put your first 5-7 sentences.  What image, detail, dialogue or scene can you narrate and describe to start off with that will persuade your readers to begin to see the “mark” and the significance WITHOUT explicitly stating it?  Think of a specific scene or interaction.  Remember, “a picture says a thousand words.”  Help your reader see what is not obvious or known simply by looking at the picture you have chosen.  Persuade the reader to see and feel as you did.  

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Repost the picture here or choose another one.  

Remember that most of the stories we have read and listened to were about one event, one moment–a woman who learns her husband is dead; a boy who is baptized; a man who gets COVID; a boy remembering a vacation with his family.

Include sounds, sights, dialogue, feelings, concrete language, and smells.  

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