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 Assessment vehcile alternative fuel


Prepare an assessment for Lotus Rental Car’s CFO on the feasibility of adding alternative fuel vehicles to the fleet.




Incorporate information from at least five sources including at least one primary source. The information gleaned from the primary source will enhance the information gained from the secondary sources. The paper should be consistent with APA guidelines and include a thesis statement, in-text citations, conclusion and/or recommendations, and reference list. Please refer to the text, The Student Writer: Editor and Critic,for more information on shaping the essay. Your instructor may require the team to submit a rough draft of your paper in Week Three. Refer to your instructor’s syllabus for further details on this assignment.


Show documentation of each step in the writing process, in addition to your final essay.  Include all of the following items:


·         Brainstorming, notes, etc., showing the collecting of ideas and the formulating of the paper prior to beginning to write.


·         At least two drafts prior to the final draft showing revisions to content.


·         At least one of the drafts should also show corrections to grammar and spelling.




Also pay close attention to the style and tone of the paper making sure to present the message of your essay in the most appropriate format for delivering the message to your audience.


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RFID in the supply Chain

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