Literal equation project

  1. The distance traveled by an object can be modeled by the equation d = ut + 0.5at2 where d = distance, u = initial velocity, t = time, and a = acceleration. Solve this formula for a. Show all steps in your work.
  1. The distance traveled by a falling object is given by the formula d = 0.5gt2 where d = distance, g = the acceleration due to gravity, and t = time. Solve this equation for g, and use your formula to determine the acceleration due to gravity if a baseball takes 10 seconds to hit the ground after being dropped from a height of 490 meters. Show all steps in your work.
  1. Two boys want to use a seesaw, and they need to move the seesaw so that their weights will balance out. The formula is given by w1 • d= w2 • d2 where w1 = weight of the first boy, d1 = distance of the first boy from the fulcrum, w2 = weight of the second boy, and d2 = distance of the second boy from the fulcrum. Rewrite the formula to solve for d2. Show all steps in your work.
  1. Marcie wants to enclose her yard with a fence. Her yard is in the shape of a triangle attached to a rectangle. See the figure below.
    Yard is shapred like a square and a triangle.

    The area of this figure can be found by the formula A = (wh) + 0.5(bh). If Marcie wants the total area to be larger than a specified value, she can use the formula A > (wh)+ 0.5(bh). Rewrite this formula to solve for b. Show all steps in your work.

  1. There are two options:
    • Option 1: Find a formula that is used in sports or leisure activities. Be sure that formula has at least two variables. Rewrite your formula to solve for the other variable. Show all steps in your work.
    • Option 2: Create a fictional formula of your own using at least four symbols (no numbers or letters). Try using the symbols above the number keys on your keyboard. Once you have created your formula, rewrite your formula to solve for one of the other symbols. Show all steps in your work.


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